Imageless Dummy Photobook Awards (IDPA)

We are pleased to announce the 2023 IDPA is now open for submissions! 

The Imageless Dummy Photobook Awards (IDPA) is an annual competition that aims to uncover unpublished photographers while also celebrating the wonderful art form that is the photobook. 

Every submission will be included in a month long exhibition which will take place this year in Shanghai. A panel of judges will choose 1 winner for the first prize award, and 3 winners for the Judge's Choice Award. The winning book of the first prize award will win a cash prize and be published by Imageless. Although non-winning submissions also may be approached for production and publication.


IDPA - Goals and Vision

By helping dedicated photographers gain more exposure we aim to support their growth in the field of photography while also encouraging more creators to produce DIY zines and explore the limitless possibilities of print media.

We invite photographers from all over the world to submit their dummy books. However, in keeping with Imageless' vision of increasing representation of Chinese photographers, IDPA is open only to those of Chinese ethnicity, heritage and/or work that tells stories about China or its global diasporas. 


IDPA in Review

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