Pagoda Gift Pack | IMAGELESS x LIN SHU

In 2017, Lin Shu began working on the Pagoda series. His process of photographing pagodas is one of reconsidering, and in turn, rediscovering photography. In Lin Shu's photographic pursuit, he gradually slid into abstraction and emptiness but the pagoda pulled him back to the material world. Following the publication of Lin Shu's photobook Pagoda, IMAGELESS and Lin Shu had collaborated again and launching the artist's co-branded Pagoda 001 candle.

Lin Shu, born in Fujian in 1981, graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts' oil painting department. Using photography and painting as his main creative practice, he moved to Beijing in 2010 and started a career as a freelance photographer.


  • Title: Pagoda
  • Photographer: Lin Shu
  • Designer: Guo Xiao/Groundless
  • Size: 26x37cm
  • Page: 62
  • Edition : 1000

  • PAGODA001
  • Material: Mixed Vegetable Wax
  • Weight: 260g
  • Size: 20x6x6cm
  • Scent: Ebony
  • Made in China
  • First edition of 500

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