2021 IDPA Review



After a brief Covid-influence hiatus in 2020, the 3rd annual Imageless Dummy Photobook Award (IDPA) returned in 2021. In total, we received 75 entries from 68 authors.

 This year we were lucky to have three fantastic judges - Ling Ma, Xiong Xiaomei, and Guan Wei. This year's judges have backgrounds in photography, art curation, media content creation, graphic design, and art book fair organization. It is important to Imageless that the Dummy Books are evaluated on factors and values, not just within the realms of photography. We selected this year's judges based on their diverse artistic backgrounds. 

IDPA is an annual photographic dummy book competition designed to encourage talented and professional creators dedicated to creating images. Each year IDPA aims to give photographers a platform to exhibit their work and gain exposure amongst industry professionals and publishers. A secondary goal is to encourage creators to explore the power and voice of print media through self-creating dummy books.

 Each year, the winners will receive a cash prize to help with their artwork and have their submitted work printed by Imageless.


2021 IDPA Shortlisted Work

‘Silence' by Ka Fuka /《沉默》卡夫卡 

‘Something to do with the Change of Seasons’ by Caoyi  / 《多少和季节转换有关吧》曹祎 

‘ORIENTAL DIARY’ by Bai Peng 白鹏

‘Has it Snowed or Not?’ by Tang Tong / 《是否下过一场雪》汤桐

‘Wish 2’ by He Miao  /《愿望2》何苗

‘Of, Course’ by Liu Jiaylu / 刘嘉鹭 《当,然》

‘The Girls by the River of Victory’ by Tan Ke /《胜利河边的姑娘们》谭柯

Lotus Pond by Wei Xianwen /《荷花池》峗苋汶

‘X-NIGHT’ by Zhang Hujia 张沪佳 

‘you can't walk this earth forever someday you will have to fly’ by Starry Kong


2021 IDPA Judges:

Ma Ling

Xiong Xiaomei

Guan Wei


2021 IDPA Best Book Award:

‘Has it Snowed or Not?’ by Tang Tong /《是否下过一场雪》 by 汤桐

A photobook about a school campus love affair. Photographer Tang Tong uses his memory to create fitting images and text to construct this school campus love story. Both photographs and text present Tong's sincere and straightforward feelings. In addition, the book's layout and design allow the rich details in the book room to breathe. Overall, this excellent body of work is as unique as it is complete. All three judges unanimously recognized this book as the 2021 IDPA winner. 

2021 IDPA Judge's Choice Awards

Each judge select their favorite book. Scroll down to see the winning selections.

Ma Ling's Winning Choice:

'ORIENTAL DIARY' by Bai Peng 白鹏

Xiong Xiaomo’s Winning Choice:

'Wish 2' by He Miao / 《愿望2》何苗 

Guan Wei's Winning Choice:

'The Girls by the River of Victory' by Tan Ke 谭柯

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