2018 IDPA Review

The inaugural 2018 Imageless Dummy Photo-zine Award (IDPA) exhibition took place between January 12th-13th, 2019.
The annual IDPA was created as a platform to encourage photographers to continue to develop their talent by recognizing the individual achievements of young and unpublished creators.
In total, we received a total of 86 dummy books from 79 photographers. The sample books were sent in from all across China and reflected various creative languages and personal expression. The creative energy within the exhibition was deeply felt by all. 
The three judges of the inaugural competition gave full respect to the magnitude of the task at hand and carefully and diligently read through all the submitted work. For the "Best Photobook Award", there were differences of opinion among the judges. In the end, the three judges agreed that they could not unanimously select a winner.Instead, the competition left the "Best Book Award" vacant and instead extended the prize to 3 individual 'Judge's Choice' awards. The final shortlist (in no particular order) and the three winning dummy books are below:


The Final Shortlist:
六尾儿 Liu Weier——《2017 春》
刘葵 Liu Kui——《局部有雨》
魏子涵 Wei Zihan——《异世界的入口》
张子璇 Zhang Zixuan——《蝉鸣以前》
杜宝尼 Du Baoni——《未及》
毛利亚 Mao Liya——《罗顿报告》
吴志尧 Wu Zhiyao——《ETERNITAIRES》
梁子龙  Liang Zilong——《I saw him》、《I want you》、《still life》、《still life 2》、《eros》



Gao Shan 高山
Tintin Wong 王丁丁
Lin Ye 林叶


Shortlisted Books

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Judge's Choice Awards

Tintin Wong's Winning Choice:

《ETERNITAIRES》by Wu Zhiyao 吴志尧

Gao Shan's Winning Choice:

Lawton Report《罗顿报告》by 毛利亚 Mao Liya

Lin Ye's Winning Choice:

《I saw him》、《I want you》、《still life》、《still life 2》、《eros》by Liang Zilong 梁子龙

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