Imageless is an award-winning independent photobook publisher based in Shanghai, China. Working with some of Asia’s most prominent and promising photographers, we aim to harness the visual languages of photography to build a platform that gives voice to storytelling that transcends cultural boundaries. We publish books and limited edition prints that showcase the nuance of human experiences in China, Asia, and the Asian diasporas. 



  • Publish Important Stories: we work with some of China and Asia’s most creative and talented storytellers producing limited print-run photobooks and framed prints of their work. In addition, we will republish works of art we think are essential or ground-breaking.
  • Incubate Emerging Talent: by working with young and emerging photographers, we aim to improve the diversity of published stories. For example, our annual Dummy Book competition allows photographers to submit their zines or dummy books to be reviewed by a panel of professional and established photographers. The winner will have their book published by Imageless.

We are open to receiving submissions from photographers all over the world.
  • Support Our Community: when we can, we share our resources with the photography community. By sharing our publishing knowledge and offering our website as a free distribution channel, we aim to help self-publishing photographers get their work out into the world.
Along the same lines, we also hope to use our network with exhibition spaces, publishers, and media in China to connect international photographers to a larger audience within China.
Contact us on: contact @ imagelessbooks.com