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The "云云" project explores the multifaceted meaning of "云" in ancient Chinese literature, representing "speech" or "expression" and phonetically linked to "芸芸," symbolizing the human collective. In the modern context, it refers to cloud computing, bridging the infinite changes in natural clouds with human emotions. This project focuses on the evolving nature of communication from traditional to contemporary, emphasizing the importance of social interaction in intellectual and cultural development.

From philosophical discussions in ancient Greek squares to Confucian teacher-student dialogues in China, communication has always been at the core of cultural and political progress. However, technological advancements have challenged traditional communication, particularly in terms of its essence and self-awareness. This shift has reignited discussions on eternal questions like "Who am I" and "What is the present," quoting insights from Augustine, Shakespeare, and Bois. The view that "everyone is an actor" and "everyone is an artist" has transformed into the reality of "everyone is a media person," notably influenced by the rise of video streaming.

This transformation is accompanied by instantaneous role changes, interactive dynamics between virtual and real worlds, inconsistencies in information quality, fake news, and concerns about privacy and data security—posing cognitive challenges and obstacles. In the "云云" project, 19 influential self-media personalities in various fields were selected to engage in offline discussions, capture moments through photography, and express the essence and immeasurable value of communicative behavior in a rapidly changing environment.

February 2024
By Birdhead

  • size : 17.5x26cm
  • pages : 84
  • limited Edition : 300

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