Spark Zine | Wishes II | Ha Mai

“This group of photos focuses on some details and ordinary states of people who live in cities at present, and pays attention to some scenes with less ‘Energy’ or ‘Lens Attraction’. ‘Wishes’ initially came from the lyrics of a song called A Heart Wrenching Joke and a Long Daydream by the rock bandOmnipotent Youth Society. I want this word to carry a feeling of ‘simple and dull’ - Consumerism andvalue boundaries delineate the trajectory of one’s life. One’s stand replaces the courage to search for the truth. Wishes collapsed to the present and became concrete. Thus, being simple and dull.”

Hamai, born in 1990, Shimian, Sichuan, China. Graduated from Sichuan University in 2013, majoring in Painting. Achieved Master Degree of Fine Arts in Sichuan University 2018.

  • Page:48 pages
  • Size:17.4 x 23.3 cm
  • First Edition: 500
  • Published by Imageless Studio / Bananafish Books 2023.04


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