New Comer | Le Ziyi

In March 2020, Le Ziyi moved to Hangzhou with the hope of developing his career as a photographer, but also to escape from his deep-seated family issues. In the big city!he got well paid and gained inner peace eventually, but later the routine of job brought him boredom and anxiety.He began contemplating the lived experience of new comers to a city and soon posted the following message on Weibo as an open call for his personal photo project "New Comer"

"As an outsider who has been in Hangzhou for nine months, I'm eager to understand the lifestyle, state ofmind,and spiritual outlook of new comers like me. lf you're
someone living in a foreign place, I'm willing to document your situation.
During the shootings and communications, he realized that everyone was finding their unique way to redeem themselves, in both positive and negative ways. He fully felt the tenacity of life out of everyone in this book.

Awards:Le Zivi has won Leica Oskar Barnack Award(LOBA)"NewComer" 2023 by this project.

  • Size: 21x23cm
  • Page: 100
  • Edition: 600

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