Impermanent Instant | Li Jun

"Impermanent Instant" is a collection created by Li Jun over a span of four years (2008-2011) at his residence in Chengdu. This series of paradoxical works invokes the intangible presence of unseen objects through their depiction. Throughout this period, the artist left objects untouched in his home, allowing them to accumulate layers of dust. Everyday items such as slippers, vases, remote controls, and hangers, when removed, left behind traces and outlines in the dust, prompting viewers to contemplate impermanence within existence. Under the intangible wheel of time, human life and worldly concerns fade into insignificance. The entire creative process of the artwork integrates elements of performance, installation, and photography.

  • Title: Impermanent Instant
  • Photographer:Li Jun
  • Designer: Zhu Xinyi
  • Size: 33x28cm
  • Page: 68
  • Edition : 500

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