Spark Zine | Advertising light box & Under the street lights | Yan Jiacheng

“Blank Advertising Light Box Illuminates Pedestrians in the Night was taken at the busstationdownstairs my apartment. When there are no posters inside, it looks like a large light box that sheds light onpassers-by. I stood there taking pictures for many people who come and go with various looks. Underthe Street Light was taken by the river near my new home after I moved to suburban area. The newcommunity has no public space yet, so people just walk, sing, play and set off fireworks along thesame river. The street lights are very high and bright, making the pavement look like a stage.”

Yan Jiacheng, a photography enthusiast. Weibo: @愤怒银行

  • Page:48 pages
  • Size:17.4 x 23.3 cm
  • First Edition: 500
  • Published by Imageless Studio / Bananafish Books 2023.04

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