Slow Boat | Koji Onaka

This photobook is the fifth monograph of Japanese photographer Koji Onaka, its first edition was published in 2003, and the current version is the third edition. This book contains 84 black and white photographs. 

“Boat” is representative of my experience while photographing. If you chose to go on a railroad, the path is predetermined – it’s controlled. Whereas if you are in a boat, the path is influenced by a variety of factors that are constantly changing – the wind, the tides, the currents, and personal choice. You could make a stop in a bay, or not, and then go more quickly or slowly. A boat is also small and fragile. It’s about my life and the way I work with photography – it’s freer, more spontaneous and unexpected.” --Onaka Kōji.

  • Size: 260*225 mm
  • Limited edition: 800 books

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