SiSi | Deng Jian

‘Sisi’ is a father’s chronicle of his young daughter’s life from 1985 to 1990. Thirty years after the photographs were taken, Deng Jian rescanned and digitized his work to create a dummy book. His work won a Judge’s choice award in the 2019 Imageless Dummy Photobook Award (IDPA).

Like many parents, Deng was eager to photograph his baby daughter over the first few years of her life. Although not a professional photographer, Deng not only vividly captures the essence of childhood but also immortalizes a pivotal time in modern-day China’s development.

Deng’s daughter’s name, Si Si, is derived from a Confucius concept which means to encourage each other for the benefit of the community. Deng’s images are filled with that same optimism for the future.


  • Photographer: Deng Jian
  • Size: 150*210 mm
  • Edition: 300 copies


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