Open Submission Call!! The 2022 Imageless Dummy Photobook Awards is Now Open

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We are delighted to announce that
Submissions for the 2022 Imageless Dummy Photobook Awards (IDPA) are now open!

Photography is not only a language of documentation. It is also a medium for deep thought and imagination. The physical nature of photobooks gives the photographer a chance to realize their creative vision while establishing a unique connection with the reader.

Four years ago, we established the Imageless Dummy Photobook Award (IDPA) to encourage creatives to produce entire bodies of photographic work while also advocating the use of print media in visual storytelling.

Over the past 3 three years, we have received more than 300 dummy books from over 200 creators. Each year, the IDPA entries showcase an abundance of unique creative languages and sincere artistic drive.

We believe strongly in the photobook's timeless, magical ability to amplify the power of an idea to create a symbiotic relationship between image and audience. Imageless are pleased and excited to announce that the 4th annual Imageless Dummy Photobook Award is officially open for submissions.

Click here to learn more and apply.

We can't wait to see your work!


Be well. Be safe.

The Imageless Team

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